HIV/AIDS in Ngoketunjia Cameroon

The prevalence and dominance of HIV/AIDS in Cameroon has been fluctuating since the first case was discovered in 1985. In 2003, Cameroon had a prevalence rate of 4.8% which went up to 5.5% in 2004, this attracted the action and interest of many stakeholders both government and non governmental agencies such as CBCHS, MINSANTE, EGPAF, UNAIDS etc not leaving out community based organizations such as BIMEHC. Thanks to their actions the prevalence rate went down to 4.46% in 2005 (UNAIDS 2008, CIA world factbook 2015).

      Among the ten regions in Cameroon, the North West region is one of the regions with the highest prevalence rate with 8.7%( WHO demographic and world survey 2004). Ngoketunjia Division in which is found Babungo has a rapidly growing rate with about 5845 positive cases found out of its population of about 131845 inhabitants (world echo newspaper group Inc international 2013). Health experts say about 3 people are infected with HIV weekly and 10 people are tested HIV positive monthly in Ngoketunjia (ibid).
It is clear from the above statistics that Babungo and its inhabitants are in the danger zone of HIV/AIDS. To cone out of this free from infection it is therefore very important that we reflect on those things which we do and they end up exposing us to HIV. Health experts put it  that this high prevalence rate is as a result of high promiscuity and prostitution among youths, elders, and widows and widowers. The WHO says though the youths  (15-49) 13%, are highly at risk, the people in the following occupations ( Drivers, sex workers (36.8%), military officers (11.2%), mobile population, pregnancy women (6.7%) are highly exposed to having HIV (National strategic plan for the fight against HIV/AIDS pandemic 2015).
HIV can be transmitted through unprotected sex, blood transfusion, by using unsterilized tools, and through and infected pregnant woman to her child especially at child birth.
The spread in Babungo is predominantly through unprotected sex, seen from the number of teenage pregnancies in the community. This particularly happen on celebrated days in the community such as; Nkussi, Fewing, cultural festivals, Sundays just to name a few. On these days often witness a large influx of people who come from outside the community. These people with their friends in Babungo engage in the consumption of alcohol which often end up with them drugs and in the hands of a woman or man as the case may be without knowing the health status of the woman or man.
The unavailability and insufficiency of HIV testing centers is behind the fact that positive cases are not determined early while the patient go on to infect others. Insufficient sensitization and awareness stands out in lack of knowledge on this virus by the inhabitants. Most parents still also shy away from HIV topics at home not to even talk about sex as a topic and this goes a long way to make our youths engage in sexual activities without having enough knowledge which only exposes them to many other STDs.
Generally youths who are highly at risk of HIV/AIDS can access these services freely and without discrimination  or restriction, however, the stigmatization of people living with HIV (PLWHIV) continue to discourage youths  from benefiting from the available HIV resources and services.
It is therefore normal that teachers, traders, parents, leaders, students, children etc make themselves available for HIV testing centers and if positive be placed on treatment. HIV is no longer a strange sickness because statistics that an HIV patient on effective treatment can live for as long as 75years.

Let us unit until HIV/AIDS no longer exist in our community Babungo.

the lord is great.

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